The Band was founded in 2011 by lead singer Wyatt Heyvaert. Wyatt envisioned a high energy show that incorporated current country songs that everyone relates too. Fast forward 5 years, and the band has played shows in Minneapolis, MN--Dallas, TX--Des Moines, IA--Chicago, IL--McAlester, OK--Key West, FL--and many others locations around the country!! Every time DRR takes the stage, they try and capture the audience and keep them energized during the entire show!

Meet the Band


Wyatt HeyVaert

Lead Singer


Scott Whitehall



Paul DePaul



Wes Weeber


One of the best drummers in the Midwest, We Weeber is one of those musicians the band rallies around. We drives the the bus and keeps the train on the tracks so to speak. His rock solid tempos and amazing endings go along with his awesome solos! Wes' unique style and dynamics help the songs take shape and make them sound just like the album. We has played all over the country in bands such as Drama Major, Speedfinger, Officer 27, Blue Ash Ink, Caroline Spine and many others! Wes adds so much charisma and showmanship to any line up and will leave you in amazement!


Barry Vestal



Laura Miller

Photographer, marketing person, and the person who keeps us on track from week to week